Hansen Ranches

Hansen Ranches, 665 Acres, $6,400,000: SOLD

The Sonoma County dairy industry, despite the fact it produces the 2nd highest amount of agricultural commodity income in the County, is in fact a relatively small fraternity. Dairy ranches in our part of the world tend to be handed down from one generation to the next. It’s been that way, for the most part, for about four generations and is likely to continue that way for several more.

On occasion, however, a ranch of significant reputation becomes available and offers the opportunity for new players to get into the game. Today, the offering of the Alvin Hansen Ranches by the trustee, is such an occasion!

The Hansen Ranches in their entirety constitutes 665 acres and is offered at $6,400,000 or in separate parcels as The Hansen Pasture Ranch with 330 acres at $3,000,000 and The Hansen Dairy Ranch with 335 acres at $3,400,000. Cows, replacement stock and all equipment items are offered over and above the property. All purchase offers will be made subject to “As Is” condition.

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